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November 2014
  • 4 – Election Day - NO SCHOOL
  • 11 – Veteran's Day - NO SCHOOL
  • 13 – Parent Teacher Conference - HALF DAY (dismissal at 11:40)
  • 21 – November Birthday Party (Dominique, Nicholas, Tatiyana
  • 27-28 – Thanksgiving Break - NO SCHOOL

  • Important Information
    Scholastic code: KBZRT
    Room#: 310
    School#: 212 678-2829
    November Newsletter

    Dear Families,

  • Please sign up for Parent Teacher Conference. There is a sign up sheet behind the security desk on the first floor. Conferences will be held on November 13th, from 1PM - 3PM and 4:30PM - 7:30PM
  • For Writer's Workshop, we've been writing informational books. Students have been using a checklist to monitor their progress and set goals for themselves as writers. Everyone has selected a topic that they know a lot about. Writers learned how to organize their topics into subtopics, or chapters for their books. They also learned writing strategies surrounding ways information writers elaborate with facts, details, definitions and descriptions. Writers use research to also help them elaborate on their ideas and information. We study other information writers and look at their mentor texts for techniques we would like to try out in our own writing. In preparing for publication, writers will keep in mind the audience, and find creative ways to teach the reader.

    Our current Reading Unit is "Studying Characters Across Series in Book Clubs". In this unit, students will extend their knowledge on how to study characters in books across series. They will continue to learn to look at how characters respond to trouble and to begin to acknowledge different points of view. Students will learn to track their characters by seeing how characters’ response to trouble (in addition to their other actions) contributes to a sequence of events. Students will work in book clubs and hold each other accountable. At the end, students will come up with a theory about the main character and prove it. They will learn to write a literary essay using two books in one series to prove a trait.

    Our current Math unit is "Place Value and Problem Solving with Units of Measure." In this unit, students will use place value to unify measurement, rounding skills, and the standard algorithms for addition and subtraction. The module begins with plenty of hands-on experience using a variety of tools to build practical measurement skills and conceptual understanding of metric and time units. Estimation naturally surfaces through application; this transitions students into rounding. In the module’s final topics students round to assess whether or not their solutions to problems solved using the standard algorithms are reasonable.

    In Social Studies, we have begun our study on Brazil. Students use what we learned about the US to compare and contrast what we are starting to learn about Brazil. As social scientists, we ask, ‘How do geography, culture, and economic needs shape the way people live in Brazil? How is this similar to and different from life in the US?’ Through the use of various classroom centers (maps, media, images, statistics, etc), students will research, note-take and learn all they can about this faraway country. The goal for our students is to make observations and then steer them towards developing their own inferences and theories based on what they are seeing or reading.

    Ms. Emily

  • If you were unable to attend Back to School Night and would like an overview of what was discussed, then please click the following link: Back to School Presentation
  • Thank You for Reading!