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July Travels
  • 1st – Spain (Madrid, Barcelona)
  • 8th – France (Paris)
  • 13th - Italy (Venice, Florence, Sicily, Rome)

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    Summer Newsletter

    Dear third graders of 2014,

    Congratulations!!! You guys are officially fourth graders! Woooo, yeah! I am so proud of you guys and all the hard work you've been doing. I am feeling bittersweet. Sweet because I am finally getting rid of all you little terrors! JUST KIDDING! I am mostly feeling bitter. I am very sad that you guys will no longer be my students! Now, just because you guys are fourth graders, it doesn't mean that you should forget everything you've learned about in third grade. In fact, I think you might've already forgotten most of what you've learned. Let me help you remember...

    Remember in the beginning of the year, we read Stone Fox and Gianna, Michael, Murphy, Samira, Ashley, and I started bawling like a baby because it was just sooooooooooooooooooo sad when we found out that little Willy's dog searchlight died? Remember I had to ask Owen to finish reading the last page because I couldn't catch my breath? And then Cordelia yelled out "don't cry or else your mascara is going to drip"... And Alice was looking around the room and wondering what was wrong with everybody...

    Remember that time when we were writing personal narratives about a small moment and Murphy wrote about his baby brother Parker biting his nibble and we were wondering "what's a nibble?" And then Murphy rubbed his nipple...

    Remember that time when we read Amber Brown is Not A Crayon and Molly Brown told us that she wanted to fill her best friend vacancy too?

    Remember that time when Molly Brown won employee of the month and she wanted to have lunch with the teacher, then a prize, then lunch with teacher, then a prize, then lunch with the teacher, then a prize... And we were all wondering when she was going to make up her mind...

    Remember that time when we were studying literary nonfiction and Konrad asked for another bio-- graphies? And then we all started saying bio--graphies...

    Remember that time when we were all wondering what Edmond, Alaaeldien and Frank's voice sounds like because they never talk?

    Remember that time when we were studying Countries Around the World and Konrad put on a karate outfit and entertained us with his "hai-yas" and karate chops?

    Remember that time when Cordelia's dad and Gianna's mom came and had us paint cupcakes for the auction?

    Remember that time when we were celebrating Eva and Alexa's birthday and the cake had two candles that said 9 and it looked like they were turning 99 years old?

    Remember that time when Alexa asked if I thought her record of 42 dojo points could ever be beaten?

    Remember that time when I brought in two regular sized Hershey bars to teach fractions and suddenly everyone understood how to compare fractions? Then John Paul and Imani said that the lesson was making their mouth watery?

    Remember that time when Michaelangelo's mom and sisters brought in two whole pies of pizza for his birthday and Imani requested that I should put him in her class next year, just so that she could have a pizza party again?

    Remember that time when we were reading Sadako and the Thousand Paper Crane and Murphy called it Sa-ka-doo?

    Remember that time at the 3rd grade picnic, when Alice, Owen, Eva and Andrew buried Michael in the sand and gave him a mermaid tail?

    Remember that time when I said you guys can take a 5 minute nap and Owen and Adrian LITERALLY napped on the table by climbing on it and then Danyela and Jesly napped under the table?

    Remember that time when I asked you guys if you knew what the purpose of life was and Owen quoted Chrisandthemike and said that it was to eat, sleep, and reproduce? And I told him "yes, but mostly to find happiness"?

    Well, here's my last lesson to you. Always remember that the purpose of life is to find happiness. This means that you should find something that you truly love and then pursue it!

    Remember, "Find a job you love, you never work a day in your life." – Confucius Ms. Emily

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