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December 2014
  • Dec 19 – December Birthday Party (Jordaniel, Liam, Sebastian, Mavi, Nicole)
  • Dec 24 - Jan 5th – Winter Recess - NO SCHOOL (students return on Jan 5th)

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    December Newsletter

    Dear Families,

    For Writer's Workshop, our next exciting unit is titled, Changing the World. Writers will learn the power of opinion, or persuasive writing. Students will have the opportunity to engage in short- and long-term writing projects, including speeches, petitions, editorials, letters, etc. Writers will learn to start their pieces with a bold, strong thesis statement, develop their opinion with reasons plus evidence to back up their reasons. Organizing our writing using paragraphs and using transition words seamlessly are big goals for this unit. In addition, writers will be pushed to spell high-frequency words correctly, recalling what they know of spelling patterns. They will be held accountable for ALWAYS having these words spelled correctly. Each student has a 500-word list in their writing folders. Throughout the unit, students will have writing HW, so they can generate and collect entries. Please make sure they are using the helpful prompts, sentence starters and lists glued into their notebooks.

    Our current Reading Unit is “Nonfiction Reading: Reading to get to know the text”. In this unit, students will develop nonfiction readingidentities. They will learn to notice the underlying structures of texts(sequence, description, compare and contrast, problem and solution, cause andeffect); this will help them hold on to the main ideas and key details. Studentswill be able to recognize that many expository texts follow a “boxes-and-bullets”structure- the “box” is the main idea, and the “bullets” are the details. Studentswill read not to answer a specific question or to mine for an interesting fact,but rather to learn what the book has to teach. The unit spotlights skills andhabits essential to a reader of expository nonfiction: determining importanceand finding main ideas and supportive details; questioning and talking back tothe text, figuring out and using new content-specific vocabulary; and applyinganalytical thinking skills to compare and contrast, rank or categorize. Inaddition, the unit moves students toward making inferences about texts, workthat will be expected of them in fourth grade.

    Our current Math unit is to measure and round to solve problems (3.NBT.1, 3.MD.1, 3.MD.2). They use estimations to test the reasonableness of sums and differences precisely calculated using standard algorithms. From their work with metric measurement students have a deeper understanding of the composition and decomposition of units. They bring this to every step of the addition and subtraction algorithms with two- and three-digit numbers as 10 units are changed for 1 unit or 1 unit is changed for 10 units (3.NBT.2). They work on problem solving involving metric units or intervals of time. Students round to estimate, and then calculate precisely using the standard algorithm to add or subtract two- and three-digit measurements given in the same units (3.NBT.1, 3.NBT.2, 3.MD.1, 3.MD.2).

    In Social Studies, we have begun our study on Brazil. Students use what we learned about the US to compare and contrast what we are starting to learn about Brazil. As social scientists, we ask, ‘How do geography, culture, and economic needs shape the way people live in Brazil? How is this similar to and different from life in the US?’ Through the use of various classroom centers (maps, media, images, statistics, etc), students will research, note-take and learn all they can about this faraway country. The goal for our students is to make observations and then steer them towards developing their own inferences and theories based on what they are seeing or reading.

    Ms. Emily

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